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Jewish Holidays

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Unlike Winter Break, March Break and Summer Break, religious holidays have special meaning. Whereas there can be some discretion and flexibility in dividing up access on March break or the summer holidays, with religious...

Mobility Relocation Advisory Guidelines

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Today, I will be discussing the issue of mobility - that is, moving away with your children after separation. Such a move will usually negatively impact the other parent’s access to the children. In approximately 90% of...

Importance of Mobility Clause in an Agreement

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A separation agreement is a legally binding agreement between two spouses which addresses the issues of property, support, access and custody. One vital clause that is occasionally overlooked in a separation agreement is...

Access by Means of Virtual Visitations

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Today I will be discussing the issues of access by means of virtual visitation. The constant progression of technology has allowed people to connect and interact in new ways. Programs such as Skype and Facetime have allo...

Becoming Greener and Electronic – FFLG Launches Extranet

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Feldstein Family Law Group has become the first Family Law Firm in Ontario to adopt Extranet technology. Beginning in August 2012, clients who have retained Feldstein Family Law Group will be able to access their docume...

Child Custody and Access

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I am here today to clarify the common misconception that the child custody and access arrangements for a child define how much time each parent has with the child. In particular, often times I meet with clients who are s...

Holiday Access to Your Children

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The holidays are quickly approaching and families who are in the process of separation or divorce need to decide on a schedule that would dictate the holiday access arrangement. For those parents who have a court order o...

Child Custody and Access in Ontario

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Today I am going to talk about child custody and access. I am going to review the different types of child custody and discuss access....