Jamie Benizri

Legal Logik Inc.

7575 Rte Transcanadienne Suite 407 Montreal, Quebec H4T 1V6

(514) 419-4069

After several years as a practicing attorney, Jamie Benizri's vision was clear. He wanted to launch a different type of law firm and pioneer a novel approach that would make legal services more accessible, convenient and affordable. Legal Logik was born in 2011 and the firm's blend of innovative pricing, friendly service and legal professionalism quickly attracted a growing clientele.

An attorney by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, Jamie Benizri continues to challenge industry standards and develop innovative service models that make it easier for individuals, and businesses to meet their legal needs. As a corporate and civil litigator, Jamie has created a number of cases of precedent, including at the Quebec Court of Appeal, the province's highest court, earning him a reputation as a creative legal thinker and leading professional. Both in the court-room and outside, his extensive experience with entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate clients - has made him an expert in helping businesses large and small meet their objectives and protect their interests.

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