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Does an Estate Always Need to be Probated

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There are technical, legal and practical answers to this question. Learn if an estate needs to be probated. Save money! Avoid Liability! This short wills and estates video on probating estates in Alberta give insight int...

Updating Child Support Payments: What To Do

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When a separated or divorced parent has a change in economic circumstances, child support payments may be updated. Child support calculations are not difficult. That said, reducing or increasing child support payments ca...

Family Law Travel Court Orders

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Separated or divorced and planning that summer trip with your kids? Now is the time to start thinking about getting travel letters or, if necessary a travel order from the courts. If a family law travel court order is re...

Applying For Canadian Citizenship

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Canada is an amazing country to live in. We know it living here and the international community continues to rank us as one of the best countries to live. Learn about how you can apply for your Canadian Citizenship. The ...

Real Estate Purchase Contracts and Home Theatres

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When buying a home, you want to get what you pay for. Some things, like home theaters, are often dealt with wrong. What is important is for both the buyer and the seller to be on the same page as to what the buyer is act...

Professional Corporations

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Attention Doctors, Dentists and Engineers! What are Professional Corporations (PCs) and what are the benefits of them? A professional corporation (also called a prof corp.) is a legal entity that is used by doctors, lawy...

Found A Hair In Your Restaurant Meal? Want To Sue?

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We get a lot of calls from people who want to sue because they found a hair in their food at a restaurant, or dropped a drink on themselves at a convenience store or even because their fast food dripped on them and their...

Permanent Residency Express Entry Program

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The Canadian immigration express entry program is a program run by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It allows for people to remain on the "list" of people who the government will consider to be eligible to become perm...

Construction Mortgages in Alberta

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Alberta construction mortgages are similar to regular mortgages, yet there are some procedural differences that are significant. Calgary mortgage lawyers help set up construction mortgages. Construction loan companies de...

General Powers of Attorney

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What is a general power of attorney? What is a general power of attorney used for? This legal video goes over the uses for and the limitations of a general power of attorney, also know as a POA, in Alberta. Also discusse...

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