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The LegalStreamer Show

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Samantha Collier, Social Media for Law Firms Specialist, will be interviewing Mark C. Robins of They will discuss the dark side of social media, how to get work from social media, word-of-mouth marketing...

Law Talk

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Law Talk Featuring: Gerry Wise of Wise Law. Omar Ha-Redeye Toronto Lawyer, Professor and Speaker. Mitch Kowalski Lawyer, Author & Speaker. Bob Tarantino, Lawyer with Dentons....

Does an Estate Always Need to be Probated

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There are technical, legal and practical answers to this question. Learn if an estate needs to be probated. Save money! Avoid Liability! This short wills and estates video on probating estates in Alberta give insight int...

Next Steps in your Family Law Case

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Today, I will be talking to you about the next steps you must take in your family law matter after having retained a lawyer. Now that you have hired a family law lawyer, what happens next? Shilpa Mehta of the Feldste...

Knowledge Management with Connie Crosby

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Canada's "Information Diva," Connie Crosby joins Wise Law Office's Garry J. Wise to discuss knowledge management tips and strategies for smaller Canadian law firms. Garry Wise from Wise Law Office....

Relaunch of the Federal Skilled Worker Program – May 4, 2013

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The new program is tighter in that the required language level is high for most immigration applicants -- A Federal Skilled Worker Program applicant must score at least 6.0 on the IELTS General Training test in each of t...