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How to Fire An Employee

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Daniel Lublin (top employment law expert, nationally recognized media contributor & one of Canada’s most recommended workplace lawyers) discusses how to fire an employee. Daniel Lublin of Whitten & Lublin LLP...

Wrongful Dismissal in Ontario

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In this post Daniel Lublin of Whitten & Lublin LLP will discuss Wrongful dismissal. Daniel Lublin of Whitten & Lublin LLP...

Constructive Dismissal in Ontario

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In this post we discuss Constructive Dismissal in Ontario. Daniel Lublin of Whitten & Lublin LLP...

Liens versus Caveats – What’s the Difference

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Have you wanted to know the difference between a lien and a caveat? Both are things that can be registered against your home or other property in Alberta. They represent a claim that money is owing to a creditor by the h...

B’nai Brith Canada Lawyer’s Division Trusts & Estates Seminar PART 2

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Charles Wagner speaks at B'nai Brith Canada Lawyer's Division Trusts & Estates Seminar presented June 30 2010 in Toronto Ontario on Estate issues that are multi-jurisdictional. Charles Wagner from Wagner Sidlofsky LL...

Woman & Child Try to Stop Harper From Exporting Deadly Asbestos

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Cathy's father died from work related mesothelioma, and now urges Canadians to stop Harper from exporting deadly asbestos to third world countries, just to make more money. Murray Miskin speaks about Canada's involvement...

Should Incorporate Federally or Provincially? 4 Questions to Help You Decide

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Wondering if you should incorporate your business provincially or federally? Use these 4 simple questions to help you determine which is best for you....

Start-Up Legal 101 – Part 4: Trademark Registration Continued – Business Names and Signs in Quebec

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Does your business name or trademark need in French when used in Quebec? In this lecture, Legal Logik founder and attorney Jamie Benizri explores Quebec’s laws in regarding business names and signs and how they apple to ...

Limitation Periods

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It is important to know your limitation period when you are looking at litigation (or suing someone). If you miss your limitation date, you may lose your ability to have the courts award you damages that you may deserve....

Omar Ha-Redeye on CityTv discussing First Nations Land Claim

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Omar Ha-Redeye spoke to Andrew Krystal of CityTV about a First Nations land claim filed over St. James Park during Occupy Toronto. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

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