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Drafting and Interpreting Employment Contracts

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Christopher Statham of Devry Smith Frank LLP talks about employment contracts at the HR/Employment Seminar, more specifically he discusses termination clauses, consideration and restrictive covenants. Devry Smith Fran...

Omar Ha-Redeye on SunTv explaining the Oakes Test

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Omar Ha-Redeye explaining the balancing interests that Justice Brown had to consider under Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the Oakes Test. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

The LegalStreamer Show

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Samantha Collier, Social Media for Law Firms Specialist, will be interviewing Mark C. Robins of They will discuss the dark side of social media, how to get work from social media, word-of-mouth marketing...

Non Competition Agreements

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What are non competition agreements and how do they protect you. There are restrictions on what you can and cannot enforce. Learn more about these business / corporate agreements and why you should include them in your e...

Max Chaudhary Advising on Chris Brown’s Denied Entry Into Canada

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Max Chaudhary Advising on Chris Brown's Denied Entry Into Canada on Global News. Visit Help with any immigration questions you have. Max is a known immigration Lawyer in Toronto who has helped over 1...

Managing Employee Medical Leaves

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Devry Smith Frank LLP's special guest Kathryn Benson of HR Options talks about managing employee medical leaves at the HR/Employment Seminar on October 10, 2014. Devry Smith Frank LLP....

Human Rights Damages in Wrongful Dismissal Cases

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Alexandra Tratnik discusses human rights damages in wrongful dismissal cases at Devry Smith Frank LLP's HR/Employment seminar on October 10, 2014. Devry Smith Frank LLP....

Start-Up Legal 101 – 5: 5 Ways to Secure Funding for Your Business

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How can you secure funding for a new, unconventional or even risky business idea in the digital age? In this lecture, Legal Logik founder and attorney Jamie Benizri explores 5 little-known ways to secure funding for your...

Understanding Legal (Mental) Capacity

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What is legal (mental) capacity? From a legal perspective, legal capacity is the ability (or lack of ability) for a person to understand the nature of an agreement / contract / their actions, along with the corresponding...

The First Lawyer-Client Meeting: What to Consider

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Frank Van Dyke talks about how any injured person should approach their first meeting with an injury lawyer. Frank Van Dyke Van Dyke Law Offices...

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