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Equalization and International Property

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As a general rule, Canadian or provincial Courts do not have jurisdiction to determine title to or interest in property that is located in another country. As such, dealing with the sale of property located outside of Ca...

Things You Must Know When Buying a Condominium

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Avoid Bad Surprises! Buying a Condominium is more complicated than buying a single family home. The reason is the ownership in a corporation that comes with owning a unit. Yes, once you move in, someone takes care of the...

Spousal Support for High Income Earners

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Many family law practitioners would probably agree that entitlement to spousal support is one of the most fluid areas in family law. In stark contrast to the area of equalization and property sharing, the area of law dea...

I have no prior criminal record-will I get a break?

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I have no prior criminal record-will I get a break? Michael Kruse of Kruse Law...

Self Represented Parties at the Conference Stage

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I try and approach separations in a cost effective manner for my clients. Part of that is identifying if and when litigation is necessary. Further to that, once litigation is commenced, it is my job to develop strategies...

Mediation Instead of Litigation (Courts)

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Save time, money and energy through mediation. Mediation may allow you to avoid courts (litigation). While often used in family law situations, mediation is an excellent alternate dispute resolution (ADR) choice. Mediati...

Ask Andrew – Series 1 Episode 1

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Get your separation, divorce questions answered free, on “Ask Andrew”. Call our Ask Andrew number 1-800-498-3486 and one of our lawyers will answer the phone. Andrew Feldstein of the Feldstein Family Law Group...

Understanding Personal Guarantees

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It is very important to fully understand a personal guarantee prior to signing one. By personally guaranteeing another person's or company's debt, you become liable under that debt. A personal guarantee secures a loan ag...

Imputation of Income

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Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Feldstein and I am the founding/managing partner of Feldstein Family Law Group. Today I will be discussing the issue of imputing income to a payor spouse. Andrew Feldstein of the Fel...

The Benefits of Collaborative Family Law

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Today I will be discussing Collaborative Law (CFL) and the benefits associated with this process. Ritu Horra of the Feldstein Family Law Group...

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