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Omar Ha-Redeye on CityTv discussing First Nations Land Claim

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Omar Ha-Redeye spoke to Andrew Krystal of CityTV about a First Nations land claim filed over St. James Park during Occupy Toronto. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

Birth Injury Cases – What Kind of Compensation is Available?

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If your child has a permanent birth injury and you are successful in your claim against the doctors that delivered him or her, there are various kinds of damages that can be claimed. If your child will require medical...

Things You Must Know When Buying a Condominium

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Avoid Bad Surprises! Buying a Condominium is more complicated than buying a single family home. The reason is the ownership in a corporation that comes with owning a unit. Yes, once you move in, someone takes care of the...

Non-Pecuniary Damages and Charter Claims in Personal Injury

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Omar Ha-Redeye explains why the limited non-pecuniary damages claim in this case may have prompted family members to seek restitution through alternative and creative legal remedies. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street ...

What to Bring to Your First Personal Injury Lawyer Appointment

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This video describes the various documents and reference materials that you may be required to bring to your first personal injury lawyer appointment. Contact Girones Lawyers today for free no-obligation consultation tod...

Found A Hair In Your Restaurant Meal? Want To Sue?

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We get a lot of calls from people who want to sue because they found a hair in their food at a restaurant, or dropped a drink on themselves at a convenience store or even because their fast food dripped on them and their...

Omar Ha-Redeye on SunTv explaining the Oakes Test

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Omar Ha-Redeye explaining the balancing interests that Justice Brown had to consider under Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the Oakes Test. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

Injuries at Birth – Causes and Recourse

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When you have had a healthy uneventful pregnancy, to suddenly find you have a disabled child after birth can be a shock. What went wrong and how do you find out what can be done. Who should you complain too and what ques...

Chronic Pain After an Accident

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What is Chronic pain and why is it so hard to treat? Chronic pain sufferers can obtain settlements in Court if caused by a car or other kind of accident. Andrea Girones of Girones Lawyers speaks to this topic. Andrea ...

Omar Ha-Redeye Discusses Injunctions on SunTv with Alex Pierson

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Omar Ha-Redeye explains the 3 part test on injunctions. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

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