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Woman & Child Try to Stop Harper From Exporting Deadly Asbestos

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Cathy's father died from work related mesothelioma, and now urges Canadians to stop Harper from exporting deadly asbestos to third world countries, just to make more money. Murray Miskin speaks about Canada's involvement...

Omar Ha-Redeye on CityTv discussing First Nations Land Claim

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Omar Ha-Redeye spoke to Andrew Krystal of CityTV about a First Nations land claim filed over St. James Park during Occupy Toronto. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

Omar Ha-Redeye on SunTv explaining the Oakes Test

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Omar Ha-Redeye explaining the balancing interests that Justice Brown had to consider under Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the Oakes Test. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

The First Lawyer-Client Meeting: What to Consider

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Frank Van Dyke talks about how any injured person should approach their first meeting with an injury lawyer. Frank Van Dyke Van Dyke Law Offices...

Found A Hair In Your Restaurant Meal? Want To Sue?

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We get a lot of calls from people who want to sue because they found a hair in their food at a restaurant, or dropped a drink on themselves at a convenience store or even because their fast food dripped on them and their...

Registered Office for Corporations

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What is a registered office for a corporation? All corporations are registered with the provincial government in Alberta. This is an official address where notices, civil claims and statement of claims can be sent. If th...

Chronic Pain After an Accident

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What is Chronic pain and why is it so hard to treat? Chronic pain sufferers can obtain settlements in Court if caused by a car or other kind of accident. Andrea Girones of Girones Lawyers speaks to this topic. Andrea ...

What to do if your long term disability benefits have been denied?

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Andrea Girones a personal injury layer in Ottawa talks about long term disability benefits and why people need help from Lawyers to take on the insurance companies. Andrea Girones of Girones Lawyers...

What is a Class Action?

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Wagners- A Serious Injury Law Firm represents Nova Scotia clients in class action cases in a variety of areas. Contact our firm to find out whether you're entitled to be a member of a class action. Raymond Wagner of W...

U.S. Lawsuits with Millions of Damages: How This Works in Canada

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In the US, we hear about huge lawsuits for spilled coffee or a bug in your soup. Canadian lawsuits are very different than those in the United States. Punitive damages are not an easy argument to make that the courts wil...

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