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What is an Examination for Discovery (Canada)

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Andrea Girones of Girones Lawyers in Ottawa explains what an Examination for Discovery is like in a typical personal injury or medical malpractice case. It is a court procedure that all injured victims must undergo. She ...

What is Shoulder Dystocia and Why is it Dangerous for the Baby?

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Shoulder dystocia is a complication of labour and delivery which can, if improperly managed can cause severe injury to a baby's brachial plexus nerves, and other kinds of injuries. Shoulder Dystocia is when the baby's sh...

Injuries at Birth – Causes and Recourse

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When you have had a healthy uneventful pregnancy, to suddenly find you have a disabled child after birth can be a shock. What went wrong and how do you find out what can be done. Who should you complain too and what ques...

Birth Injury Cases – What Kind of Compensation is Available?

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If your child has a permanent birth injury and you are successful in your claim against the doctors that delivered him or her, there are various kinds of damages that can be claimed. If your child will require medical...

Birth Asphyxia – Links to Cerebral Palsy

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Asphyxia of the fetus during the labour and delivery process can permanently and seriously damage a child who was otherwise perfectly healthy until labour. If your child was a term baby, and suffered from certain difficu...

Causes of Brachial Plexus Injuries at Birth

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If you son or daughter sustained a serious brachial plexus injury at birth you may be entitled to compensation from the doctor that delivered your baby. Permanent brachial plexus injuries can occur when your treating doc...