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I have no prior criminal record-will I get a break?

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I have no prior criminal record-will I get a break? Michael Kruse of Kruse Law...

The Court Process for a Minor Summary Conviction Criminal Charge?

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In this video we discuss the ways in which lesser offences, or summary offences move through the Ontario Court system. Michael Kruse Kruse Law...

What is the court process for a serious indictable criminal charge?

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This is another in our series of educational videos, today we will focus on how serious charges move through the court system. Michael Kruse Kruse Law...

Video tip of the day: How to defend a sexual assault charge

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These tips focus on strategies that we employ when addressing such matters in court. We will also cover a brief idea of what it is like to maneuver through the court system as a result of such allegations. Michael Kru...

How to Select a Criminal Lawyer in Ontario

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With so many options and avenues to find information, how do you choose the right Lawyer for you? It starts with asking the right questions. Michael Kruse Kruse Law...

Cost of a Criminal Lawyer

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The cost of a criminal lawyer differs between the different firms that are out there. Typically, if you have been charged with a minor or less serious criminal offence, the costs of hiring a criminal lawyer will be much ...

Drinking After Hockey – Prevent a DUI

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Many Canadians enjoy lacing up the skates and hitting the ice in both competitive and recreational leagues. It is a common occurrence to consume a few beers after the hockey game with the rest of the team in the dressing...

What would be my Legal Fees?

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There are two types of legal fees: block fees and hourly fees. Hourly fees controversially create inefficiencies in productivity with your case. Mike Kruse explains how Kruse Law office operates their legal fees. Mike...

What are my Rights and Obligations when I am Charged?

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Mike Kruse explains what your rights and obligations are when you're charged. Don't speak! Don't do anything! The police are gathering information and evidence for your arrest. Ask to speak to a lawyer as soon as you can...

What is Carter Defence?

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Mike Kruse explains the history of the 'Carter Defence' also known as the 'two-beer' defence in a DUI case. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law Office....

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