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Domestic Violence is Criminal Law

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With domestic violence and assault, we leave the area of Family Law and enter the area of Criminal Law. In this video, I will outline what happens when the police are called to respond to domestic violence and allegation...

What is the Court Process?

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Mike Kruse explains what the court process is for any case from a serious charge to a minor offense and what your options are. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

What Do I Do With my Insurance After a DUI?

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When you're dealing with your insurance company, there's no obligation for you to notify them that you've been charged with DUI. Michael Kruse from Kruse Law....

What Should I Do When Charged with a Serious Crime?

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If you're charged with a serious crime such as sexual assault, aggravated assault, the crown is going to elect by indictment. What should you do? Mike Kruse of Kruse Law Office....

Theft and Fraud Cases in Ontario

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There are all levels of theft and fraud cases right up from a shoplifting to a major white collar crime fraud. Let's discuss how you can win your theft or fraud case. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

Discussing Criminal Sentencing on the Graham James Trial

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Alex Mihailovich talks about the Graham James trial with Toronto lawyer Omar Ha-Redeye. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

Random Police Stops

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Toronto Criminal Lawyer Edward Prutschi discusses Random Police Stops with Jerry Agar on NewsTalk 1010. Edward Prutschi of Alder Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman....

On a DUI Case Can Police Stop any Car for any Reason?

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The short answer to this is the police must have a specific reason for pulling a vehicle over. For example, police are entitled to pull a vehicle over for safety checks, to look at license, the vehicle is swerving, or co...

What is Carter Defence?

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Mike Kruse explains the history of the 'Carter Defence' also known as the 'two-beer' defence in a DUI case. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law Office....

Sexual Crimes

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Clients involved in sexual crimes often come to us and ask "What are you gonna do? How are you gonna win this case? And what's the best strategy to take?" Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

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