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How Do I Win My Sexual Assault Case?

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A client with a sexual assault case is often very stressed, they're life is on the line, they're facing a length jury trial and they wonder how they win their sexual assault case. Mike Kruse details how Kruse Law can win...

A Recent US Case Involving Twitter

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Toronto Criminal Lawyer Edward Prutschi Discusses a recent United States (U.S.) case in which Twitter messages were ordered handed over to prosecution. Edward Prutschi of Alder Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman....

A Way to Save Money with a Minor Criminal Case

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Discussing a way a person charged with a first time criminal offense can save money while still getting the proper advice, a legal opinion, and the best result you can in your particular case. Michael Kruse of Kruse ...

Avoid Impaired Driving Over 80mg Charges After Golfing

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Before teeing off this summer, take a moment to think about how much alcohol you plan on consuming out on the course. Avoid impaired driving charges. Don't be caught driving over the legal limit because you thought you w...

Border Crossing into the United States with a Criminal Record

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Border crossing into the United States with a criminal record causes many people concern because they like to travel or have employment. There are many types of criminal records that may preclude you from crossing. M...

Can I Avoid Jail with 2 Priors?

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I've got a criminal record, say for two prior DUIs or impaired driving and I'm charged with a third, can I avoid a jail term? First of all, oftentimes we can. You may have a winning case. Secondly, if you have some issue...

Charges And The Bail Process

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When police officers are in the process of laying charges, 1 of 3 things will happen. What should you expect?...

Conrad Black & the Honest Services Provision

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Edward Prutschi talks with NewsTalk 1010 about the U.S. "Honest Services" provisions In the context of Conrad Black's appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. Edward Prutschi of Alder Bytensky Prutschi Shikhm...

Court Procedure in Ontario

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Mike Kruse outlines the court procedure in Ontario using the example of a minor case, for example, theft under or shoplifting case or impaired driving case that precedes to trial. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

Discussing Criminal Sentencing on the Graham James Trial

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Alex Mihailovich talks about the Graham James trial with Toronto lawyer Omar Ha-Redeye. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

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