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What Do I Do With my Insurance After a DUI?

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When you're dealing with your insurance company, there's no obligation for you to notify them that you've been charged with DUI. Michael Kruse from Kruse Law....

I blew over the legal limit – How do I beat this?

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I blew over the legal limit, how do I beat this? DUI is a very complex area of law and is very difficult for police to stay on top of the law and they often make mistakes....

Can I Avoid Jail with 2 Priors?

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I've got a criminal record, say for two prior DUIs or impaired driving and I'm charged with a third, can I avoid a jail term? First of all, oftentimes we can. You may have a winning case. Secondly, if you have some issue...

Border Crossing into the United States with a Criminal Record

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Border crossing into the United States with a criminal record causes many people concern because they like to travel or have employment. There are many types of criminal records that may preclude you from crossing. M...

Court Procedure in Ontario

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Mike Kruse outlines the court procedure in Ontario using the example of a minor case, for example, theft under or shoplifting case or impaired driving case that precedes to trial. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

How to Win a DUI Case

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Michael Kruse discusses his achievement of a negotiated result of getting a DUI charge withdrawn where his client only had to plea to careless driving. Michael Kruse from Kruse Law....

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