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How Police Conduct Roadside Tests for Alcohol in Ontario

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Which tests for alcohol you have to take when a Police Officer asks you to in a roadside test and what the Police are looking for during these tests. Richard Aitken of Aitken Robertson Professional Corporation....

How the Ontario RIDE Program Impacts You

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If you drink heavily at night, you may be caught in the morning's RIDE program. The Ontario RIDE program is often in the morning instead of at midnight. Police tactics have changed in recent years. It used to be that off...

How to Select a Criminal Lawyer in Ontario

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With so many options and avenues to find information, how do you choose the right Lawyer for you? It starts with asking the right questions. Michael Kruse Kruse Law...

How to Win a DUI Case

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Michael Kruse discusses his achievement of a negotiated result of getting a DUI charge withdrawn where his client only had to plea to careless driving. Michael Kruse from Kruse Law....

I am Innocent – Shouldn’t I Talk to the Police

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If I'm innocent, should I tell the police everything I know about the event? You have a right to remain silent and a right to counsel. Phone a lawyer when you're in custody and exercise your rights. Michael Kruse of K...

I blew over the legal limit – How do I beat this?

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I blew over the legal limit, how do I beat this? DUI is a very complex area of law and is very difficult for police to stay on top of the law and they often make mistakes....

I have no prior criminal record-will I get a break?

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I have no prior criminal record-will I get a break? Michael Kruse of Kruse Law...

I have no prior record – Will I get a break?

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You're a person with no prior record and the question is "Will they give me a break because I have no prior record?" And the short answer to that is, yes, they will. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

On a DUI Case Can Police Stop any Car for any Reason?

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The short answer to this is the police must have a specific reason for pulling a vehicle over. For example, police are entitled to pull a vehicle over for safety checks, to look at license, the vehicle is swerving, or co...

Ontario DUI Defence – False Positive

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Dr. Sivarama Krishnan explains the impact that recent consumed alcohol, or residual alcohol left over in the mouth, can significantly impact a reading often resulting in a false positive. If you are pulled over for im...

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