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What are my Rights and Obligations when I am Charged?

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Mike Kruse explains what your rights and obligations are when you're charged. Don't speak! Don't do anything! The police are gathering information and evidence for your arrest. Ask to speak to a lawyer as soon as you can...

What Do I Do With my Insurance After a DUI?

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When you're dealing with your insurance company, there's no obligation for you to notify them that you've been charged with DUI. Michael Kruse from Kruse Law....

What Is a Preliminary Inquiry ?

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A preliminary inquiry is a hearing before a judge of the Ontario Court of Justice to determine whether the crown has sufficient evidence to prove their case. What to expect during your preliminary inquiry. ...

What is a Sentencing Hearing?

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If you accept responsibility and admit your guilt, or if you're found guilty after a trail, your matters will proceed to a sentencing hearing. What should you expect from a sentencing hearing? Michael Crystal & Associ...

What is a Trial?

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A criminal trial is a hearing before a judge or a jury where the crown has to prove the guilt of an accused person. What can you expect from a criminal trial? Michael Crystal & Associates....

What is Carter Defence?

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Mike Kruse explains the history of the 'Carter Defence' also known as the 'two-beer' defence in a DUI case. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law Office....

What is the court process for a serious indictable criminal charge?

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This is another in our series of educational videos, today we will focus on how serious charges move through the court system. Michael Kruse Kruse Law...

What is the Court Process?

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Mike Kruse explains what the court process is for any case from a serious charge to a minor offense and what your options are. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

What penalties am I facing for first time DUI?

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Michael Kruse discusses penalties you may face on your first time DUI offense. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

What Should I Do When Charged with a Serious Crime?

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If you're charged with a serious crime such as sexual assault, aggravated assault, the crown is going to elect by indictment. What should you do? Mike Kruse of Kruse Law Office....

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