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Video tip of the day: How to defend a sexual assault charge

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These tips focus on strategies that we employ when addressing such matters in court. We will also cover a brief idea of what it is like to maneuver through the court system as a result of such allegations. Michael Kru...

What Should I Do When Charged with a Serious Crime?

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If you're charged with a serious crime such as sexual assault, aggravated assault, the crown is going to elect by indictment. What should you do? Mike Kruse of Kruse Law Office....

How Do I Win My Sexual Assault Case?

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A client with a sexual assault case is often very stressed, they're life is on the line, they're facing a length jury trial and they wonder how they win their sexual assault case. Mike Kruse details how Kruse Law can win...

Sexual Crimes

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Clients involved in sexual crimes often come to us and ask "What are you gonna do? How are you gonna win this case? And what's the best strategy to take?" Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

Discussing Criminal Sentencing on the Graham James Trial

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Alex Mihailovich talks about the Graham James trial with Toronto lawyer Omar Ha-Redeye. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....

The Colonel Russell Williams Hearing

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Toronto Criminal Lawyer Edward Prutschi discusses the Colonel Russell Williams case with News Talk 1010, and what it all means. Edward Prutschi of Alder Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman....