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What Should I Do When Charged with a Serious Crime?

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If you're charged with a serious crime such as sexual assault, aggravated assault, the crown is going to elect by indictment. What should you do? Mike Kruse of Kruse Law Office....

How Do I Win My Assault Case Involving a Bar Fight?

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Michael Kruse outlines the three types of defenses to a bar fight that Kruse Law can use to win your assault case: 1. Was there a mistake in identity? 2. Was it a consensual fight? 3. Is the person acting in self de...

How Do I Win My Domestic Assault Case?

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In order to win your domestic assault case we need to obtain all the police reports, review the client's version of the events, and find areas of reasonable doubt. Michael Kruse of Kruse Law....

Domestic Violence is Criminal Law

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With domestic violence and assault, we leave the area of Family Law and enter the area of Criminal Law. In this video, I will outline what happens when the police are called to respond to domestic violence and allegation...

Discussing Criminal Sentencing on the Graham James Trial

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Alex Mihailovich talks about the Graham James trial with Toronto lawyer Omar Ha-Redeye. Omar Ha-Redeye from Fleet Street Law....