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Next Steps in your Family Law Case

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Today, I will be talking to you about the next steps you must take in your family law matter after having retained a lawyer. Now that you have hired a family law lawyer, what happens next? Shilpa Mehta of the Feldste...

Ask Andrew – Series 1 Episode 5

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Get your separation, divorce questions answered free, on “Ask Andrew”. Call our “Ask Andrew” number 1-800-498-3486, FREE and one of our staff will answer the phone. Or you can text your questions to “Ask Andrew” at 41...

The Need for Cooperation

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After we successfully enter into a separation agreement and complete our reporting letter, the lawyer’s job is often done. The client is then on his or her own to take over and put into play what has been agreed to. For ...

The Implications of putting Matters “On Hold”

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Some matrimonial matters move fast and some move slowly; this normally depends on the parties and their lawyers. Some matters don’t move at all. This is usually because one or both parties have decided to put their matte...

Updating Child Support Payments: What To Do

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When a separated or divorced parent has a change in economic circumstances, child support payments may be updated. Child support calculations are not difficult. That said, reducing or increasing child support payments ca...

Spousal Support

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What is spousal support, how do you get it, how much do you get and for how long? These are big questions, big issues with big answers and not enough time. While I could speak on this topic for days, today I will only g...

Family Law Travel Court Orders

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Separated or divorced and planning that summer trip with your kids? Now is the time to start thinking about getting travel letters or, if necessary a travel order from the courts. If a family law travel court order is re...

Separation and Non-Neurotypical Children

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Non-neurotypical children, those on the autism spectrum, dislike disturbances in routine and do not adapt well to change. Divorce, separation, and the resulting transition to a post-separation family can be especially di...

The Imputation of Income When Unemployed or Underemployed

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This video discusses the Imputation of income where a parent or spouse is intentionally unemployed or underemployed. The quantum of one’s support obligation is largely based on income. But what happens in the case whe...

Jewish Holidays

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Unlike Winter Break, March Break and Summer Break, religious holidays have special meaning. Whereas there can be some discretion and flexibility in dividing up access on March break or the summer holidays, with religious...

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