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Becoming Greener and Electronic – FFLG Launches Extranet

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Feldstein Family Law Group has become the first Family Law Firm in Ontario to adopt Extranet technology. Beginning in August 2012, clients who have retained Feldstein Family Law Group will be able to access their docume...

Counseling Not Couples

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When I first consult with clients I am often told about the lack of communication between spouses after a separation, even with respect to issues regarding their children. When the communication has broken down, I will r...

From Child Support Woes to Spousal Support

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Who pays child support? The parent who is not living with the child must pay child support to the parent with whom the children reside. Usually, child support begins when the parents physically separate. When one parent ...

Appealing a Court Order or Arbitration Award

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During this video we will be providing you with a brief understanding of appeals of a Court Order or Arbitrator’s Award. Andrew Morrison of the Feldstein Family Law Group...

Joint Custody and How Custodial Rights are Established

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If you have children, and you’re undergoing separation and divorce, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is how to care for your children. Where will they live? How will key decisions about education, healthcare...

Family Law Mediation

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In family law mediation, the parties agree upon a neutral third-party who assists them in attempting to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Feldstein Family Law Group....

Distinguishing Between the Table Amount & Section 7 Expenses

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Today I will be discussing the issue of child support with respect to the difference between Table child support and Section 7 expenses. In particular, I will be discussing the purchase of laptops and/or mobile phones fo...


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This post will be discussing counseling and why it may become necessary after marriage breakdown. Separation and divorce are difficult for most parties and their children, even when the parties separate on an amicable b...

Decline in Investments Post-Separation

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If you do not liquidate your equities at the date of separation and it takes months to settle your financial issues with your spouse, you run the risk of your stocks (investments) declining in value. Feldstein Family ...

Spousal Support Entitlement

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Julie Tyas, an associate at Devry Smith Frank LLP discusses the common question of Spousal Support Entitlement. Devry Smith Frank LLP....

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