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Next Steps in your Family Law Case

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Today, I will be talking to you about the next steps you must take in your family law matter after having retained a lawyer. Now that you have hired a family law lawyer, what happens next? Shilpa Mehta of the Feldste...

Ask Andrew – Series 1 Episode 5

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Get your separation, divorce questions answered free, on “Ask Andrew”. Call our “Ask Andrew” number 1-800-498-3486, FREE and one of our staff will answer the phone. Or you can text your questions to “Ask Andrew” at 41...

Joint Custody and How Custodial Rights are Established

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If you have children, and you’re undergoing separation and divorce, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is how to care for your children. Where will they live? How will key decisions about education, healthcare...

The Significance of Divorce

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Today I will be discussing the significance of divorcing your former spouse and the legal implications that flow from a Divorce Order. Feldstein Family Law Group...

Extending The Limitation Period For Equalization

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A party may be prevented from bringing an application for equalization if they bring the application outside of the statutory limitation period. It is therefore extremely important that parties in a family law dispute be...

Spousal Support

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What is spousal support, how do you get it, how much do you get and for how long? These are big questions, big issues with big answers and not enough time. While I could speak on this topic for days, today I will only g...

Child Custody and Access

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I am here today to clarify the common misconception that the child custody and access arrangements for a child define how much time each parent has with the child. In particular, often times I meet with clients who are s...

The Need for Cooperation

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After we successfully enter into a separation agreement and complete our reporting letter, the lawyer’s job is often done. The client is then on his or her own to take over and put into play what has been agreed to. For ...

First Responders & Family Law Matters With John Schuman

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In this video interview we talk about family law issues that are unique to first responders such as paramedics, police and firefighters with family lawyer John Schuman. John was also a paramedic for over 20 years before ...

Non-Recurring Income

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Upon the dissolution of a relationship the issue of support commonly arises and often separating parties require that this matter be resolved at the earliest possible time so that the parties can continue covering their ...

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