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Family Law Travel Court Orders

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Separated or divorced and planning that summer trip with your kids? Now is the time to start thinking about getting travel letters or, if necessary a travel order from the courts. If a family law travel court order is re...

Jewish Holidays

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Unlike Winter Break, March Break and Summer Break, religious holidays have special meaning. Whereas there can be some discretion and flexibility in dividing up access on March break or the summer holidays, with religious...

Enforcement of Extra-Provincial Child Custody Orders

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In this video Andrew Feldstein discusses the issue of enforcement of extra-provincial child custody court orders. Andrew Feldstein of the Feldstein Family Law Group...

Access by Means of Virtual Visitations

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Today I will be discussing the issues of access by means of virtual visitation. The constant progression of technology has allowed people to connect and interact in new ways. Programs such as Skype and Facetime have allo...

What Say Do Kids Get in Where They Live After Divorce?

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"What say do kids get in where they live after divorce?" John Schuman, head of the Family Law department at Devry Smith Frank LLP, answers this question many clients deal with and ask. Devry Smith Frank LLP....

The Benefits of Joint Custody

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In joint custody arrangements, parents must be capable of effective communication and cooperation in order to share decision-making rights regarding their children. While at first this arrangement may be difficult if par...

From Child Support Woes to Spousal Support

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Who pays child support? The parent who is not living with the child must pay child support to the parent with whom the children reside. Usually, child support begins when the parents physically separate. When one parent ...

Parallel Parenting

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Parallel parenting is a form of joint custody, meaning joint decision making for parents on major issues, such as health, education and religion for their child or children. Instead of each parent sharing decision-making...

International Travel With Children

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When you travel across a boarder with children, you should have a consent for that travel if BOTH parents are not traveling. Ideally you use language for the letter that is acceptable to the host country and Canadian boa...

Joint Custody and How Custodial Rights are Established

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If you have children, and you’re undergoing separation and divorce, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is how to care for your children. Where will they live? How will key decisions about education, healthcare...

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