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Updating Child Support Payments: What To Do

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When a separated or divorced parent has a change in economic circumstances, child support payments may be updated. Child support calculations are not difficult. That said, reducing or increasing child support payments ca...

Spousal Support

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What is spousal support, how do you get it, how much do you get and for how long? These are big questions, big issues with big answers and not enough time. While I could speak on this topic for days, today I will only g...

Spousal Support for High Income Earners

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Many family law practitioners would probably agree that entitlement to spousal support is one of the most fluid areas in family law. In stark contrast to the area of equalization and property sharing, the area of law dea...

Child Support – Attending an American University

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Anna Troitschanski discusses the issue pertaining to a parent’s obligations towards the contribution of a post-secondary education at an American University. Feldstein Family Law Group...

Terminating Child Support Due to Child’s Conduct

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A child is generally entitled to receive child support for as long as they remain under the age of majority or are enrolled full time in a post-secondary program. However, sometimes support payors question the need to pa...

Spousal Support vs Child Support

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This video deals with: What is the difference of child support and spouse support, Why one is easier to determine than the other regarding support payments, How to figure out your rights and obligations for spousa...

Distinguishing Between the Table Amount & Section 7 Expenses

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Today I will be discussing the issue of child support with respect to the difference between Table child support and Section 7 expenses. In particular, I will be discussing the purchase of laptops and/or mobile phones fo...

Child Support Recalculation

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Child support payments: Recalculations happen on a regular (usually annual) basis. If you make or receive child support payments, it is important to know both your rights and obligations. This video help you understand t...

Post Secondary Section 7 Expenses & OSAP

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Today I will be speaking to you about post-secondary section 7 expenses and how much can an adult child be expected to contribute. Feldstein Family Law Group...

Spousal and Child Support – Life Insurance

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Daphna Schwartz discusses life insurance as it relates to child support and spousal support. Read the full transcript here. Feldstein Family Law Group....

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