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When There is No Current Real Property Report

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The current real estate purchase contract usually used in Alberta protects buyers if there is no Real Property Report. Jeffrey Kahane of the Kahane Law Office ...

Property Exempt from Division in Divorce

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If you are separating or divorcing, you need to know your rights. There are exemptions from what is subject to division in a divorce. Jeffery Kahane of Kahane Law Office...

The Matrimonial Home: Cottages

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This discussion will focus on the definition of the matrimonial home as it applies to cottages. As this discussion pertains to the division of property under the Family Law Act, please note that this discussion is limite...

Teacher Pensions

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The law assumes that each married spouse has contributed equally to the relationship, financially and in other ways. When your marriage ends, typically you and your spouse should split your net family property equally de...

Validity of a Religious Marriage and Equalization

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Because Ontario is a multicultural province, we at the Feldstein Family Law Group are prepared to deal with another type of distinction – religious versus civil marriage. The question I am considering today is: what woul...

Unequal Division of Net Family Property

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Although the law has attempted to ensure that individuals walk away from a marriage in an equitable way with the process of equalization, there can be situations where equalizing net family property would be unfair to on...

Division of Assets and Matrimonial Property

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Division of Assets and Matrimonial Property in the context of a married couple that undergoes a marital breakdown. In Ontario, married couples divide their property under a regime or formula called Equalization. Felds...

Bankruptcy, Property and Family Law

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The interplay between the Family Law Act’s property division provisions and the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act’s bankruptcy provisions are fraught with difficulties in the province of Ontario. Feldstein Family Law Grou...

Decline in Investments Post-Separation

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If you do not liquidate your equities at the date of separation and it takes months to settle your financial issues with your spouse, you run the risk of your stocks (investments) declining in value. Feldstein Family ...

What is your Degree Worth when it comes to Division of Assets?

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Some highlights of how family courts value a professional degree or designation earned by you or your spouse. Is this degree a piece of property? If so, should it be part of your Net Family Property calculation? If so, ...

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