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What is Collaborative Law or Collaborative Practice?

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"What is Collaborative Law or Collaborative Practice?" John Schuman, head of the Family Law department at Devry Smith Frank LLP, answers this question many clients deal with and ask. Devry Smith Frank LLP....

Does Getting Separated or Divorced Mean Going to Court?

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Devry Smith Frank LLP Family lawyer, John Schuman answers the frequently asked question, "does getting separated or divorced mean going to court"? Devry Smith Frank LLP....

Mediation Where There is Domestic Violence

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Traditionally, mediation has been avoided where there has been a history of domestic violence because of presumed power imbalances. However, many domestic violence victims have found mediation to be empowering because it...

Family Law Mediation

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In family law mediation, the parties agree upon a neutral third-party who assists them in attempting to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Feldstein Family Law Group....

The Importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Law

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Most people dedicate a lot of their attention to these issues when negotiating and drafting a separation agreement. However, what most people fail to pay close attention to are alternative dispute resolution clauses that...

Let’s Talk Offer to Settle

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An Offer to Settle may be seen by your spouse as an open invitation to come to the table and try to work out a settlement through negotiation rather than through litigation. Serving your spouse with a formal Offer to Set...

Dispute Resolution Officers and Family Law

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I will talk about Dispute Resolution Officers—DROs, for short. This will be an overview of who they are, when are they used and what is their role. Most importantly, how can Dispute Resolution Officers help you? Fel...

Mandatory Information Program in Family Law

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Today I am going to talk to you about the Mandatory Information Program. This “new” requirement in the province of Ontario which mandates that separating couples attend an information program before they are able to file...