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First Responders & Family Law Matters With John Schuman

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In this video interview we talk about family law issues that are unique to first responders such as paramedics, police and firefighters with family lawyer John Schuman. John was also a paramedic for over 20 years before ...

Teacher Pensions

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The law assumes that each married spouse has contributed equally to the relationship, financially and in other ways. When your marriage ends, typically you and your spouse should split your net family property equally de...

Terminating Child Support Due to Child’s Conduct

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A child is generally entitled to receive child support for as long as they remain under the age of majority or are enrolled full time in a post-secondary program. However, sometimes support payors question the need to pa...

The Significance of Divorce

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Today I will be discussing the significance of divorcing your former spouse and the legal implications that flow from a Divorce Order. Feldstein Family Law Group...

In the Interim – Partial Separation Agreements

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In an ideal world, all separating spouses would resolve the issues stemming from their separation in an amicable fashion by way of a comprehensive Separation Agreement. In essence, one document that takes care of all iss...

Spousal Support vs Child Support

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This video deals with: What is the difference of child support and spouse support, Why one is easier to determine than the other regarding support payments, How to figure out your rights and obligations for spousa...

Distinguishing Between the Table Amount & Section 7 Expenses

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Today I will be discussing the issue of child support with respect to the difference between Table child support and Section 7 expenses. In particular, I will be discussing the purchase of laptops and/or mobile phones fo...

Child Support Recalculation

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Child support payments: Recalculations happen on a regular (usually annual) basis. If you make or receive child support payments, it is important to know both your rights and obligations. This video help you understand t...

The Myth Of Legal Separations

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Legal separations... what are they and how do they work. This is a very very misunderstood area of law. Watch this video to learn the important truth about legal separations. There are separation agreements and divorce a...

Post Secondary Section 7 Expenses & OSAP

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Today I will be speaking to you about post-secondary section 7 expenses and how much can an adult child be expected to contribute. Feldstein Family Law Group...

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