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Ask Andrew – Series 1 Episode 5

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Get your separation, divorce questions answered free, on “Ask Andrew”. Call our “Ask Andrew” number 1-800-498-3486, FREE and one of our staff will answer the phone. Or you can text your questions to “Ask Andrew” at 41...

The Need for Cooperation

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After we successfully enter into a separation agreement and complete our reporting letter, the lawyer’s job is often done. The client is then on his or her own to take over and put into play what has been agreed to. For ...

The Implications of putting Matters “On Hold”

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Some matrimonial matters move fast and some move slowly; this normally depends on the parties and their lawyers. Some matters don’t move at all. This is usually because one or both parties have decided to put their matte...

Separation and Non-Neurotypical Children

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Non-neurotypical children, those on the autism spectrum, dislike disturbances in routine and do not adapt well to change. Divorce, separation, and the resulting transition to a post-separation family can be especially di...


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This post will be discussing counseling and why it may become necessary after marriage breakdown. Separation and divorce are difficult for most parties and their children, even when the parties separate on an amicable b...

Property Exempt from Division in Divorce

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If you are separating or divorcing, you need to know your rights. There are exemptions from what is subject to division in a divorce. Jeffery Kahane of Kahane Law Office...

Does a Separation Agreement Need to be Witnessed

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It is a known fact for every family law lawyer that a marriage contract or separation agreement must be signed in the presence of a witness. Anna Troitschanski of the Feldstein Family Law Group ...

Negotiating with Your Spouse After Separation

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After spouses separate there are many issues to deal with, some being more pressing than others, especially as they relate to the care of children and finances. Daphna Schwartz of the Feldstein Family Law Group...

Validity of the Separation Agreement

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This provides a sense of finality and closure that people often need especially in light of the stress and uncertainty that accompany a separation. However, a question arises as to whether or not these agreements may be ...

Why Do I Need a Separation Agreement?

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Today I will be discussing the significance of a Separation Agreement, even between two amicable and co-operative former spouses. That is, I will be discussing the need for a Separation Agreement regardless of how well y...

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