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Applying For Canadian Citizenship

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Canada is an amazing country to live in. We know it living here and the international community continues to rank us as one of the best countries to live. Learn about how you can apply for your Canadian Citizenship. The ...

Permanent Residency Express Entry Program

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The Canadian immigration express entry program is a program run by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It allows for people to remain on the "list" of people who the government will consider to be eligible to become perm...

Parent & Grandparent Super Visas

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Want an overseas family member to visit for an extended stay in Canada? A super visa is a special visa issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. These Super visas allow a close relative, such as a parent, child or gr...

Temporary Visitor Visas

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The immigration law team of Kahane Law Office in Calgary, Alberta can help you secure a visitor visa for someone you want to visit you in Canada from another country. Learn more about who can apply for a visitor visa and...

Permanent Residency: Family Sponsorship

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If you want to sponsor your family to come to Canada, there are things you NEED to know. This video covers the basic aspects of family sponsorships. This Canadian immigration program lets people sponsor family members to...

Max Chaudhary Advising on Chris Brown’s Denied Entry Into Canada

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Max Chaudhary Advising on Chris Brown's Denied Entry Into Canada on Global News. Visit Help with any immigration questions you have. Max is a known immigration Lawyer in Toronto who has helped over 1...

Permanent Resident: Spousal Sponsorship in Canada

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This video provides the basics about spousal sponsorships. What are the rules about whom you can sponsor to come to Canada as a permanent resident. There are certain relationships that are eligible for this sponsorships....

How to Find the Right Immigration Lawyer

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Selecting a lawyer for immigration to Canada can be stressful and difficult. In this video, M. Max Chaudhary, Toronto Immigration lawyer, provides necessary guidance to help you focus better on finding a professional Can...

How to Prepare to Bring Your Spouse to Canada

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Toronto Immigration lawyer M. Max Chaudhary discusses the steps you should take before filing to bring your spouse to Canada via Canada Immigration's family class immigration system. Max Chaudhary of Chaudhary Law Off...

Spouse Refused Immigration into Canada

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Toronto Immigration lawyer M. Max Chaudhary discusses what must be done if your spouse has been refused sponsorship or permanent residency to Canada Max Chaudhary of Chaudhary Law Office....

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