When you have had a healthy uneventful pregnancy, to suddenly find you have a disabled child after birth can be a shock. What went wrong and how do you find out what can be done. Who should you complain too and what questions should you be asking.

These are all very common questions in a mother and father’s minds after a devastating post-birth diagnosis. Sometimes there was a undetectable problem with the fetus that caused a severe brain or organ injury. Sometimes however, the doctors and nurses who care for mom failed to properly monitor and documents the fetal health during labour.

Labour is a tumultuous time for a baby. Some babies tolerate the contractions of labour well, others have a harder time. If you are in a hospital setting your nurses must regularly assess the baby’s well-being. They do this by monitoring fetal movement, fetal heart rate, ultrasound and sometimes fetal scalp blood samples.

A baby that for whatever reason is no doing well in labour send out signals to the doctors and nurses The heart rate can drop suddenly, or rise to a high level for no apparent reason’s These are all signs of fetal distress and must be acted on immediately.

Andrea Girones from Girones Lawyers.