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Why Severance Package Reviews Are Important

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You have been fired and offered a severance package or termination package. Employers often offer less pay in lieu of notice than the courts would require them to. Having it reviewed professionally by an employment lawye...

Non Solicitation Agreements

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Non Solicitation agreements help protect your business. This video explains the legal importance of a non solicitation agreement. These are sometimes separate agreements or can be a clause in an employment contract or co...

Non Competition Agreements

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What are non competition agreements and how do they protect you. There are restrictions on what you can and cannot enforce. Learn more about these business / corporate agreements and why you should include them in your e...

Drafting and Interpreting Employment Contracts

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Christopher Statham of Devry Smith Frank LLP talks about employment contracts at the HR/Employment Seminar, more specifically he discusses termination clauses, consideration and restrictive covenants. Devry Smith Fran...

Handling For Cause Terminations

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Cause is conduct by an employee, which effectively amounts to termination or remediation of the employment contract and it will entitle an employer to end the contract with no reasonable notice or obligations. What const...

Handling For Cause Terminations

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Cause termination is a course of conduct by an employee which effectively amounts to a termination or a remediation of a contract and it will entitle an employer to end the contract with no reasonably notice of obligatio...

Fixed Severance Entitlements and the Employer’s Duty to Mitigate

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A recent case from the Ontario Court of Appeal, known as the Bowes decision has really altered the landscape when it comes to the duty to mitigate under an employment contract damages and it can have a significant impact...

Employer and Employee Obligations Regarding Disability Benefits

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Meghan explains that there are short term disability benefits that the employer provides, such as sick days, which are self-insured by an employer and can also include short term disabilities that may go on for 90 days, ...

Accommodation of Family Status in the Workplace

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What is family status? The Ontario Human Rights Code states that family status is the status of being in a parent and child relationship. The case law has expanded this, stating that it is not just a parent/child relatio...

Privacy in the Workplace From An Employment Law Perspective

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With the increasing number of computers, laptops, tablets and various hand held devices in the workplace it is important that employers and employees understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in regards to...

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