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Recent Case Law of Mental Illness Accommodation In The Workplace

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Rabinovitch covers all these important cases and more regarding accommodation of mental illness in the workplace highlighting disability, duties of employees and employers, dangerous employees as well as termination. ...

Looking For Mental Health Illness Signs in the Workplace

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We want to do the right thing when it comes to the treatment of employees, but mental illness makes things tricky. But failing to act on mental health illness in the workplace has serious effects on the whole work enviro...

Mental Illness Accommodation in the Workplace

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Statistically, mental illness is no longer an issue that we can ignore. We try to distinguish the stigma of talking about mental health, but in the workplace, there is still a shy on it. When you look on 500 000 Canad...

2014 Foreign Worker and Employment Law Updates

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In April 2013, one of Canada's largest banks brought in Indian foreign workers and one of the employees in the bank went public stating that he was asked to train foreign workers in order to replace him, which introduced...

Tax Considerations and Consequences for Employed and Self-Employed

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The central question being asked of a self-employed person is whether the person who has been engaged to perform the services is a person in business and on his or her own account. It's a question of fact and different i...

Duties and Rights In Dealing With Workplace Accidents

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In Ontario, the Health and Safety act provides for constructors under section 51. When a person is killed or critically injured in a workplace accident, the constructor and the employer shall notify an inspector and the ...

How To Comply With The New Occupational Health And Safety Regulations

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Important tips to remember in order to comply with the new occupational health and safety regulations that requires that every business must follow thorough health and safety training. - Train your workers in compliance...

Holidays, Seasonal Employees And The Employment Standards Act

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What constitutes a holiday changes over the years. The law particularly states certain holidays as public holidays such as Canada Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving etc. Family Day is a paid public holiday under the Employ...

2014 Employment Law and Immigration Law Updates

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As a result of the regulatory December 31 2013 amendments, immigration now has sweeping powers to compel disclosure by employers and can enforce serious consequences for non-compliant employers. They may conduct warrantl...

10 Pitfalls of Human Rights Employment Investigations

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Under the Human Rights Code and the Occupational Health And Safety Act, there is a duty for employers to investigate human rights and employment issues. Many of the pitfalls of human rights employment investigations d...

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