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“Estimated Interest” When Buying A Home

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When you buy a home your lawyer will probably ask you to bring in some estimate interest. Learn about what estimated interest is and why you have to bring it in. Jeffrey Kahane from Kahane Law Office Barristers & Soli...

What Is a Mortgage Amending Agreement?

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A mortgage amending agreement allows a financial institution (bank) and the borrower under a land mortgage to change the terms of the mortgage without discharging the mortgage. It allows new terms to be put in place of o...

Types of Condominium Parking Stall “Ownership”

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People often misunderstand condominium parking stall ownership. This leads to problems when people buy or sell a condo because they do not know what is being included in the transaction. Jeffery Kahane Kahane Law Off...

Damage to a Property When Buying or Selling a House

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When a property is damaged when a home is bought and sold, who is responsible for it? This video helps people to understand who is responsible for damage. Jeffrey Kahane from Kahane Law Office Barristers & Solicitors ...

Understanding Assignment of Rents

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When a bank funds a mortgage, they want to get paid. With a property that is, or may be, rented, they want the ability to request the rent payments directly from the renters if the mortgage is not being paid. An assignme...

Certificate of Independent Legal Advice

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Learn more about certificates of independent legal advice in Alberta and when and why you will need one. Jeffery Kahane Kahane Law Office...

Understanding the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)

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Jeffrey Kahane speaks on what you need to know about the Tax Installment payment Plan (TIPP). It lets you pay your taxes monthly directly to the City of Calgary or any municipality or Municipal district (MD) in Calgary. ...

Liens versus Caveats – What’s the Difference

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Have you wanted to know the difference between a lien and a caveat? Both are things that can be registered against your home or other property in Alberta. They represent a claim that money is owing to a creditor by the h...

HST On Real Estate Transactions

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In this video we discuss wether HST applies to different Real Estate transactions. Ronald H.A. van der Steen ...

Latent Defects In Real Estate Law

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Latent defects in real estate law. What are latent defects? What do you have to disclose to potential buyers? Does Caveat Emptor or buyer beware still apply? This legal video explains latent defects and some of the conse...

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