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Liens versus Caveats – What’s the Difference

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Have you wanted to know the difference between a lien and a caveat? Both are things that can be registered against your home or other property in Alberta. They represent a claim that money is owing to a creditor by the h...

Identification Requirements When Buying Or Selling A Home

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This video has information about identification requirements when buying or selling a home. The Law Society of Alberta has standards that lawyers must follow. Also, mortgage lenders will have very specific requirements o...

Certificate of Independent Legal Advice

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Learn more about certificates of independent legal advice in Alberta and when and why you will need one. Jeffery Kahane Kahane Law Office...

Construction Mortgages in Alberta

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Alberta construction mortgages are similar to regular mortgages, yet there are some procedural differences that are significant. Calgary mortgage lawyers help set up construction mortgages. Construction loan companies de...

Building Permits

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Building permits in Calgary, Alberta. What is a building permit? When do you need one? A building permit is an authorization by the city that says that you are allowed to build a structure. Jeffrey Kahane of the Kahan...

Latent Defects In Real Estate Law

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Latent defects in real estate law. What are latent defects? What do you have to disclose to potential buyers? Does Caveat Emptor or buyer beware still apply? This legal video explains latent defects and some of the conse...

Dealing With Utilities when Selling Your Home

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Jeffrey Kahane discusses how to deal with utilities when you sell your home. Things to remember and think about. Jeffrey Kahane from Kahane Law Office....

Issues that Cloud Property Titles – Purchaser’s Lien Caveat

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When someone purchases a home or property in Alberta, they can protect themselves in case a seller changes their mind. A purchaser's lien caveat is a lien that is registered against the title to a property that declares ...

Real Estate Purchase Contracts and Home Theatres

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When buying a home, you want to get what you pay for. Some things, like home theaters, are often dealt with wrong. What is important is for both the buyer and the seller to be on the same page as to what the buyer is act...

Line of Credit vs. Mortgage: Understand the Difference

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Some people get angry if you mention that they have a mortgage when they have a line of credit. People may be surprised to learn that there is little difference in law as to a mortgage vs a line of credit. Watch this vi...

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