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Construction Mortgages in Alberta

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Alberta construction mortgages are similar to regular mortgages, yet there are some procedural differences that are significant. Calgary mortgage lawyers help set up construction mortgages. Construction loan companies de...

Line of Credit vs. Mortgage: Understand the Difference

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Some people get angry if you mention that they have a mortgage when they have a line of credit. People may be surprised to learn that there is little difference in law as to a mortgage vs a line of credit. Watch this vi...

What Happens to a Deposit When Buying a Property?

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When you are buying a home, you will be asked to put down a deposit. It forms part of the purchase price and ensures that you go through with the process. The question that comes up often is what happens to the deposit b...

How to pay down your mortgage – Stop giving away money!

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No one likes mortgage payments but many people pay more interest than they have to. Mortgage products that are interest only, may have lower payments but they also have you paying the lender for a very long time. This vi...

What Is a Mortgage Amending Agreement?

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A mortgage amending agreement allows a financial institution (bank) and the borrower under a land mortgage to change the terms of the mortgage without discharging the mortgage. It allows new terms to be put in place of o...

Understanding Assignment of Rents

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When a bank funds a mortgage, they want to get paid. With a property that is, or may be, rented, they want the ability to request the rent payments directly from the renters if the mortgage is not being paid. An assignme...