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Building Permits

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Building permits in Calgary, Alberta. What is a building permit? When do you need one? A building permit is an authorization by the city that says that you are allowed to build a structure. Jeffrey Kahane of the Kahan...

Relaxation Permits (Real Estate)

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What are relaxation permits. When you have real estate (land) and you have built something that does not comply with a municipality's land use rules (such as side yard set backs or rear yard set backs), then you may need...

Out of Town Real Estate Transactions: Easier Than You Think

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Are yo buying or selling a home in Calgary but live somewhere else? Will yo be on vacation or away for work? Are you a real estate agent or realtor who has a client who is out of town. We can help. This video explains...

Save Money: Updating Real Property Reports in Alberta

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Updating Real Property Reports. Here is a way of saving money when you sell your home. A real property report is a survey of your property. It shows all the structures built on the property. It allows people to know if a...

Dealing With Utilities when Selling Your Home

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Jeffrey Kahane discusses how to deal with utilities when you sell your home. Things to remember and think about. Jeffrey Kahane from Kahane Law Office....

“Estimated Interest” When Buying A Home

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When you buy a home your lawyer will probably ask you to bring in some estimate interest. Learn about what estimated interest is and why you have to bring it in. Jeffrey Kahane from Kahane Law Office Barristers & Soli...

Can you take it with you? Selling your House: Contractual Rights and Obligations

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Learn about the difference between a chattel and a fixture. These may sound like complicated legal words but basically it is the difference between something that you can take with you when you move compared to something...

Latent and Patent Defects Of A Property

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Ron Van Der Steen from the law offices of Kyle & Van Der Steen talks about the two main types of defects when buying a home: latent and patent defects. Kyle & Van Der Steen LLP....

Joint Ownership

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When people purchase a home they can be listed on the deed in several ways. The two most common are as Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common. Ronald H.A. van der Steen...