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Does an Estate Always Need to be Probated

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There are technical, legal and practical answers to this question. Learn if an estate needs to be probated. Save money! Avoid Liability! This short wills and estates video on probating estates in Alberta give insight int...

Small Business Succession Planning

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Key documents to protect your business. Do you have yours in place? Having a plan for small business succession is crucial. Small business succession planning is just as important for small, single owner businesses as bu...

Rodney Hull: Preparing A Will Discussion

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In this post Rodney Hull takes a look at the discussion leading into the preparation of a Will. Rodney Hull of Hull & Hull LLP...

Rodney Hull: Wills

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In this post Rodney Hull discusses a trial of a contested will case. Rodney Hull of Hull & Hull LLP...

Estate Litigation Breakfast Series: 15

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An Estate Litigation Breakfast series with Hull & Hull LLP. Suzana Popovic-Montag of Hull & Hull LLP...

Children’s Trust Provisions in Wills

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How trust provisions for children help protect the assets in your estate and children from over spending. These are also known as trusts for minors. The trust provisions allow kids to use funds for education or living ex...

Do All Wills Have to be Probated in Alberta?

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Do all wills / estates need to be probated? Do all estates if there is no will need to be probated (or letter of administration). Executors (personal representatives) of estates often ask these questions. This video goes...

Intestacy: What Happens If You Pass Away Without A Will

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Intestacy is often misunderstood in Alberta. People make assumptions about who will inherit their estate if they do not have a will in place. This video also discusses probating estates with no will. this is properly cal...

Out of Province Executors in Wills

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There can be some issues with appointing an out of province executor or personal representative. It can slow things up and require that a bond is in place to protect the estate. If all your family is out of town, you ...

Guardianship & Your Will

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One of the extremely important aspects of a will are the guardianship provisions. They are included in wills and do not cost more to add. How do guardianship provisions work with your will? This video looks at who will l...

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